Wiluna 23-24 May 2018

The From Another View project team arrived in Wiluna on 23 May 2018 after an overnight stop in Meekatharra. The load on the ute still intact, the team set about unloading and setting up the pop-up exhibition at the old hospital near the Tjukurba Art Gallery.

The pop-up exhibition opened on 24 May with an afternoon barbecue. It was a relaxed affair with people from the Wiluna community attending throughout the afternoon.

Vera Anderson, Dion Patch with grandchildren Lucas Cutter and Raylene Anderson.

photographs courtesy of Sara Walker, Shire of Wiluna.

The project team helped people reconnect with old photographs of family.

Unidentified woman with Daphne Jones and Gwen Johnston , believed to be taken at Leonora, Western Australia, about 1965. https://storylines.slwa.wa.gov.au/archive-store/view/6/9454


Topsy Warren and unidentified woman with bunches of wild onions, Desert Farm Wiluna. https://storylines.slwa.wa.gov.au/archive-store/view/6/10007

Stay tuned for the next update featuring  images from the Canning Stock Route from Well 1 to Well 9/Palatji/The Weld Spring.

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